Indonesia, Saudi to draft new term on migrant workers


Manpower Minister, M Hanif Dhakiri, and the Saudi Arabian Social Development Minister, Ali Bin Nasser Al-Ghufais, have signed an agreement on drafting a new term to regulate the migrant workers.
The pact, which was inked in Jeddah covers some crucial issues, including the issuance of working visa, the removal of domestic workers, the establishment of new seven positions for the domestic sector, as well as the 24-hour protection scheme.
During the meeting, the two states also agreed that the Indonesian representatives on manpower would have the authority to assist its expatriates whenever they have legal problems in Saudi Arabia.
The manpower minister remarked that the agreement was part of the two countries commitments to resolve some issues on migrant workers.
Although the two countries have agreed to draft the new term, the Indonesian government would not revoke the moratorium of sending the migrant workers to Saudi Arabia.


MOI arrests members of int’l money laundry, fraud network

ff#Kuwait: Members of an international money laundry and fraud network were arrested by a specialized unit from the Interior Ministry said a statement Tuesday.
The ministry’s public relations department said that the arrestees who held South African and Nigerian passports, lured victims through social media and convinced them to transfer money using different alibis.
The public relations department thanked all those who provided valuable information that led to the arrest of the criminals, stressing that citizens should be vigilant and aware that similar networks are still at large and would continue their illicit acts.

Iraqi forces retake major oilfields from Kurds near Kirkuk

ءيرIraqi Kurdish officials said on Monday that federal forces and state-backed militias have launched a major, multi-pronged” attack aimed at retaking the disputed northern city of Kirkuk.
Kurdish forces known as the peshmerga were digging in at the edge of the international airport after withdrawing from their positions outside the city. Hundreds of armed Kurdish residents were taking up positions inside Kirkuk anticipating an attack.
Iraq’s military said it seized two major oilfields outside of Kirkuk from the Kurdish forces. It said in a statement that federal forces are now in control of the North Oil Company and Baba Gurgur fields.