Mercedes Cabral a hit on Kuwait TV ..


Actress Mercedes Cabral is currently the toast of Middle East television audiences due to her impressive performance and strong screen presence in a Kuwaiti soap opera in holy month of Ramadan .
The soap, “Saq Al-bambu (The Bamboo Stalk)”, is a modern Cinderella story about Josephine, a Filipino maid working in Kuwait, who steals the heart of Rashid, the son of her employer. Rashid wants to marry her but his mother does not want him to as she prefers him to have an arranged marriage with someone else.
The show is produced by Sabbah Pictures and is being aired in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other parts of the Middle East.

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2 thoughts on “Mercedes Cabral a hit on Kuwait TV ..”

  1. Thanks for this episode its really interesting . the artist who played the role has been done well. its Awesome one.. a
    great time to watch on this month of Ramadan. Hope to watch more. True story Ramadan Kareem.


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