“The Voice” Star Christina Grimmie Dies After Being Shot ..



Christina Grimmie, a star on “The Voice” and a popular YouTube singer, was shot and killed Friday night after a concert in Florida in what police say was a planned killing.Grimmie was signing autographs and interacting with fans after her concert at the Plaza Live in Orlando when a man approached and fired around 10:30 p.m.Grimmie, 22, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and died shortly after.

The shooter, an unknown 21-year-old man, had traveled to the concert, and had “plans to travel home” afterward, indicating he had deliberately targeted Grimmie, according to Orlando police Chief John Mina. Grimmie’s brother, Marcus, tackled the shooter to the ground, and the shooter subsequently turned the gun on himself, Mina said.

“Marcus’ heroic actions may have prevented further loss of life,” said Mina. The shooter was carrying two loaded small-caliber handguns, two loaded magazines, and a large hunting knife, police said.The investigation is ongoing, and Mina said he expects more details regarding the shooter’s name and possible motives to be released later on Saturday.


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