MOI : Kuwait e-visa part of wide-scale overhaul strategy


Newly-launched service, e-visa, is a component of the Ministry of Interior’s strategic outlook to revamp security tasks by employing state of art technology, a senior MOI official said on Sunday.
The MOI plans further expansion and development of the electronic services soon, said Major General Talal Marafie, the Ministry General Director of Residency Affairs, at a news conference.
He affirmed the approach for full employment of such high-tech, facilitates the services for citizens, residents and guests of #Kuwait.
Maj. Gen. Marafie, who made a detailed presentation about the recently-opened e-visa service, explained that replies to applications will be during work hours immediately and via e-mail.
The instant visa is given to Citizens of 52 states, residents of #GCC countries with residency valid no less than six months. It is also granted to people practicing 13 professions.
For his part, Brig. Gen. Ali Al-Muaili, in charge of the MOI information systems, said the e-visa is available on the ministry website, ( Brig. Gen. Adel Al-Hashash, in charge of security information and public relations, affirmed that applicants should have no criminal records or traffic tickets.

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