Pinay rape victim in Saudi passes away , Philippines calls for investigation


Philippine government officials called for an investigation into the case of an overseas Filipina worker OFW who died in a hospital in Riyadh after allegedly suffering abuse.
The department of foreign affairs will continue to do whatever is necessary for Ms Irma Edloy and her family, including the repatriations of her remains,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Charles Jose said on Friday.
“There will be legal action against the perpetrator, especially if the legal report indicates that Ms. Edloy passed due to her wounds from any maltreatment,” said Jose.
Edloy died on Thursday night, according Philippine media reports. Philippine Labour Secretary Silvestre Bello III visited her earlier during an emergency trip to Riyadh to help repatriate thousands of Filipino workers who lost their jobs and are stranded in Saudi Arabia.
She had a heart attack immediately after seeing her employer at the hospital,” said Berliz. Some suggested that she may have been raped. The report quoted a nurse in the hospital as saying that the victim was raped five times by her employer.
She may be gone, but every effort must be made to make sure that her case will not be buried and forgotten, and had bruises on her body and lacerations on her private parts when brought to the hospital , nurses at the hospital said.


One thought on “Pinay rape victim in Saudi passes away , Philippines calls for investigation”

  1. this saudi government keep blind eye to what so called sexuall harrassment to workers who come for work,easy prey for the saudis who allegdly invold on most of the casses,,and they buried the truth behind,,pls come forward to stop these poor workers who come for a very low sallary,and most of them wont even pay for there work,,harrassed and killed ,,


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