No entry for Saudis in Philippines without return tickets


The authorities at Ninoy Aquino International airport in Pasay city, Metro Manila, have sent back a number of Saudis because they were not carrying return tickets,  Under the country’s law, travelers going to the Philippines without return tickets will be stopped and questioned.

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has sent a circular to all travel agencies operating in the Kingdom’s airports to make sure that passengers to the Philippines possess return tickets.The Foreign Ministry has also issued the same warning on its website asking all Saudis traveling to the Philippines to respect the country’s laws and regulations.

The country’s laws prevent converting tourism visa into a study visa so as to obtain residency. The duration of the visit to the Philippines is 21 days and the passport authorities should be informed in case of visit extension or emergencies.

The Saudi driving license will not enable its carriers to drive in the Philippines and any amount of money exceeding $10,000 should be declared on arrival at the airport. The Saudi Embassy in Manila issued a statement warning citizens against visiting southern parts of Philippines due to unstable situation.


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