Phil recalls Kuwait labor attaché for negligence

#Manila: The Department of Labor and Employment in the Philippines ordered the recall of the labor attaché in Kuwait for her negligence in attending to the welfare of overseas Filipino workers there.

Labor secretary Silvestre Bello then warned other labor officials overseas they would suffer the same fate if they fail to take care of OFWs in their respective jurisdictions, In a statement on Friday, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) issued a recall order to acting labor attaché Angelita Narvaez for her inaction and lack of concern for the  Filipino workers.

The recall order came after the death of an OFW, Amy Capulong Santiago who was reportedly beaten to death by her employers on January 25.

Bello said that Narvaez failed to tell him about Santiago’s death and the execution of a Filipina woman Jakatia Pawa also on January 25 , DOLE said that its International Labor Affairs Bureau will investigate Narvaez upon her return to the country , also her replacement Alejandro Padaen will arrive in Kuwait by February 15.


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