Decisions To Limit Expats In Kuwait On Quota System 

The Minister of Social Affairs and Labor issued executive decisions to form work team for preparing a mechanism for setting the maximum limit of expatriates based on Quota System for nationalities in Kuwait.

1. Reduce the number of issued visas for domestic workers available to the Citizens by 40% to 50%.

2. Reduce the number of employees in the companies that provide security services by 25% as well as the use of modern technology.

3. The maximum limit for the period of residency for foreign workers in certain professions is expected to be between 10 and 20 years.

4. Reduce the number of visas available to each person during a year and arrange it in coordination with the General Directorate of Information Systems of the Ministry of Interior.

5. Increase the fees for residency violators by 100%.

6. Legal action for those who help or incite domestic workers to runaway from their employers causing demographic imbalance by entering the labour market randomly .


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