Amiri Diwan Mourns Suad Al-Humaidhi


#Kuwait The Amiri Diwan on Thursday mourned Suad Hamad Saleh Al-Humaidhi, widow of Sheikh Jaber Al-Ali Al-Salem Al-Sabah. She was 78.


Kuwaiti embassy in London issues alert amid spate of acid attacks


#Kuwait’s embassy in the United Kingdom has called on its citizens to be vigilant in the wake of a terrifying wave of acid attacks, The embassy urged Kuwaiti nationals to stay away from dark and remote corners near major tourist attractions, where highly trained henchmen operate, read a statement by the embassy on Thursday.
It also advised Kuwaitis not to carry valuables in public and to dial 02075903400 in case of any emergencies. According to authorities, the number of acid attacks in London alone has shot up to 431 incidents over the past year, the equivalent to one every 20 hours.

MOH Unveils Health Fees For Expats, Visitors

qna_Kuwait-health-08112015 (1).jpg

#Kuwait: Pregnant expatriate wives will no longer be able to give birth in the public Hospitals free of charge, Women with valid residence permits will have to pay KD50 health fees if they undergo natural childbirth in public hospitals from October 1, 2017.

Under the new rules, expatriate women will have to pay KD10 for each extra day they spend at the hospital after the three-day delivery period.  Public Hospital will levy KD400 on foreign women who have no residence permits and who deliver during their stay in the country, plus KD70 for each extra day they spend at the hospital after the 3-day delivery period.

Residents will have to pay KD90 for the diagnostic catherisation and KD250 for each stent (a small mesh tube used to treat narrow or weak arteries) Visitors will have to pay KD700 and KD1000 for the same respectively, Residents will have to pay KD4500 for changing a heart valve without surgery, KD3000 for cardiac catherisation and KD2000 for treating a hole in the heart.