MOI: Reports about storming mosque in Sharq are groundless


The MOI has dismissed as totally untrue reports circulated on social media about a special forces’ raid on a mosque in Sharq district of #Kuwait City and the detention of one person.
Neither the mosque was stormed, nor a person was detained, the ministry’s Public Relations and Security Media Department stressed in a press statement Friday.
It clarified that a security team had visited the mosque after coordination with the official in charge there to examine precautionary measures applied to guarantee the safety of worshippers.
Both the precautionary measures and security visits are part of a plan to maintain the security of all state facilities and worshipping places across the country, it added.
The statement said that the ministry’s Undersecretary Gen Mahmoud Al-Dosari had paid similar regular inspection visits to similar places.
The ministry urged people to give no heed to these fabricated news and rumors which are meant to stir up a disturbance. It added that the ministry is ready to respond to any queries over the matter in a transparent manner.


Kuwaiti Navy To Have Drills Aug 6/7


The Kuwaiti Naval Force is set to carry out live ammunition exercises on Sunday and Monday, August 6 and 7, from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm, the Defense Ministry said on Friday.
The shooting range will be 16.5 nautical miles east of Ras Al Julai’a to Qaruh Island, and six nautical miles east of Ras Azzour to Umm Al-Maradem island, the ministry added a statement. The ministry urges sea-goers to steer clear of the area during the period of the drills just for their own safety.

Dutch egg scandal puts consumer health at risk


#Dubai Municipality has issued a circular to food establishments to free the UAE market from contaminated Dutch eggs, the circular was issued following the technical information received from the ministry regarding the warning issued by the Food Safety Authority of Holland stating that the eggs are unfit for human consumption due to high percentages of the ‘Fipronil’ pesticide that may lead to health hazards.

MOI : Security measures to arrest fugitives, criminals cover the whole country 

#Kuwait: The Interior Ministry has announced that pre-emptive security measures including deployment of police patrols and several checkpoints, have been taken to bring to justice fugitives and criminals who are wanted for justice in relations to criminal, civilian, etc cases.In a press statement, the ministry said the adopted security measures cover the state’s six governorates and do not focus on a certain area.The ministry urged citizenry and residents to cooperate with security people and carry with their IDs and personal documents. It stressed that the measures aim to maintain the country’s security and people’s safety.