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Syria: ISIS “Capital” Raqqa Falls To SDF


The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), an alliance of Kurdish and Arab forces backed by the United States, have announced the capture of Raqqa after a four-month operation to drive out ISIS.
SDF spokesmen announced the takeover of the strategic Syrian city on Tuesday after a final battle at a sports stadium where ISIS fighters made their last stand.



Iraqi forces retake major oilfields from Kurds near Kirkuk

ءيرIraqi Kurdish officials said on Monday that federal forces and state-backed militias have launched a major, multi-pronged” attack aimed at retaking the disputed northern city of Kirkuk.
Kurdish forces known as the peshmerga were digging in at the edge of the international airport after withdrawing from their positions outside the city. Hundreds of armed Kurdish residents were taking up positions inside Kirkuk anticipating an attack.
Iraq’s military said it seized two major oilfields outside of Kirkuk from the Kurdish forces. It said in a statement that federal forces are now in control of the North Oil Company and Baba Gurgur fields.

A perfume on sale in Egypt called “Relax” can kill within 3 days


Egyptian authorities have issued a warning about a perfume being distributed in the country resulting in the user’s death within three days. The Egyptian Ministry of Supply issued a warning over the perfume called “Relax.” The fragrance was being distributed in some pharmacies and fragrance shops. The ministry sent a letter to all supply directorates in the country’s governorates, demanding them to launch a campaign to search for and confiscate the product. The ministry also demanded that the respective directorates send samples of the liquid to specialized analytical laboratories. They must also alert citizens to steer away from purchasing it. Responding to the call, intensive campaigns have been launched targeting most gift, perfume and accessory shops, and pharmacies to find the deadly fragrance. A government source cautioned that the perfume may also be imported into the country under a foreign name. He continued saying that authorities are ordering samples of each and every foreign perfume on the market to check whether they match that of the concerned perfume. To ensure the safety of the Egyptian people quickly, social media users intensively spread a word of caution about the perfume.