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At Least 50 Dead in Floods in Indonesia’s Papua


Jakarta: At least 50 people have been killed by flash floods in Indonesia’s eastern Papua province, an official said Sunday.
The floods in Sentani, near the provincial capital of Jayapura, were triggered by torrential rain on Saturday, and also left 21 people injured.


Indian MiG-21 Crashes Near Pakistani Border

5c824652e13ebAn Indian Air Force (IAF) MiG-21 has crashed outside the city of Bikaner, India, about 100 km from the Pakistani border on Friday, during a “routine mission,” the Indian military has confirmed, The plane crashed after it reportedly suffered a bird hit, The plane had taken off from Nal near Bikaner, The pilot is said to have ejected safely.

Captured IAF pilot is set to receive a hero’s welcome as Pakistan hand him over in peace gesture

D0kGI9BU4AAKTs4An Indian pilot captured in Pakistan is set to receive a hero’s welcome when he is released today in a ‘peace gesture’ intended to defuse military tensions between the nuclear-armed nations.

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who has become the face of the latest Kashmir crisis, will be handed back to Indian officials at the Wagah border crossing on Friday afternoon.

Indians gathered at the crossing this morning with flags and garlands to receive the Indian Air Force pilot