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3 Citizens arrested for dumping corpse in Parking lot

#Kuwait: Hawally detectives have arrested a three young Citizens who reportedly dumped a corpse of a youth in his 20s where it was found in the parking lot of the Mubarak Hospital recently, according to the security source, the suspects said they were consuming drugs inside an apartment and after they felt the victim had died, they panicked and dumped his corpse to avoid arrest.


Pakistan Zainab Murder: Police Arrest Suspect


Pakistani authorities say they have arrested the main suspect in the rape and killing of 6-year-old Zainab Ansari, the chief minister of Punjab province accused Imran Ali, 24, of being a serial killer., Zainab’s murder triggered outrage across the country, including riots against alleged police incompetence. Two protesters were killed in the clashes.

Ethiopian maid suspected of killing employer


#Beruit: An Ethiopian domestic worker allegedly killed one of her employers and injured another in the Metn town of Rabieh Saturday, a security source said.
The victims were identified as Suha Kamel Hitti, born in 1960, and Charles William Sked, born in 1952. Hitti died of her wounds while Sked is currently being treated at the Abu Jaude hospital, The suspect was arrested by Rabieh municipal police and an investigation is being conducted into the circumstances of the assault.

Husband Murders Wife In Jahra


Kuwait: Jahra police arrested a 46-year-old Citizen for killing his wife by beating her with a hammer inside a house in Taima area yesterday, the initial investigation revealed that the reason behind the murder was a domestic dispute between them and he was under the influence of alcohol, a case was registered.

Citizen Stabbed In Subahiya


#Kuwait: A fight between two friends in Subahiya sent a 17-year-old to Adan Hospital’s ICU after receiving 7 stabs wounds in the chest and shoulders, the fight broke out when the victim’s friend hacked his account on twitter which led to the bloody fight, the suspect was referred to the concerned authorities for legal action.