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Emirati accused of raping his Filipino maid in Dubai


#Dubai: A 62-year-old Emirati man has been accused of raping his 52-year-old Filipina maid after threatening to physically assault her at his residence, a court heard on Sunday.
The maid was said to have absconded from her 62-year-old sponsor’s went directly to the police station in October where she alleged that she had been raped.
The Filipina told the duty police officer that her sponsor had repeatedly raped her after threatening to beat her up.
Police summoned the 62-year-old employee for questioning, during which he refuted the maid’s claims and said that she had fabricated the rape case because he wanted to send her back to her country, Prosecutors charged the suspect with raping the woman after threatening to beat her.


Passenger declared dead after Dubai-bound Emirates flight diverted to Kuwait

Dubai: A Dubai-bound Emirates flight was forced to divert on Monday when crew were made aware that a passenger was unresponsive.

En route from London, the aircraft was diverted to Kuwait and landed, confirmed the airline in a statement on Monday.

A spokesperson said in a statement that the passenger was later declared dead.

As per privacy policy, the airline did not elaborate on the cause of death.

“Emirates flight EK030 from London to Dubai on 4th December 2017, was diverted to Kuwait due to a passenger being unresponsive,” the spokersperson said in an emailed statement.

Upon arrival in Kuwait, passenger was met by the medical team and taken to the hospital and was later pronounced dead. The flight continued to the destination. Emirates expresses its condolences to the passenger’s family.”

Under existing Emirates airline policy, emergency diversions to nearest airports during mid-flight are necessary when a passenger’s health is in immediate danger.