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Indonesia, Saudi to draft new term on migrant workers


Manpower Minister, M Hanif Dhakiri, and the Saudi Arabian Social Development Minister, Ali Bin Nasser Al-Ghufais, have signed an agreement on drafting a new term to regulate the migrant workers.
The pact, which was inked in Jeddah covers some crucial issues, including the issuance of working visa, the removal of domestic workers, the establishment of new seven positions for the domestic sector, as well as the 24-hour protection scheme.
During the meeting, the two states also agreed that the Indonesian representatives on manpower would have the authority to assist its expatriates whenever they have legal problems in Saudi Arabia.
The manpower minister remarked that the agreement was part of the two countries commitments to resolve some issues on migrant workers.
Although the two countries have agreed to draft the new term, the Indonesian government would not revoke the moratorium of sending the migrant workers to Saudi Arabia.


4 executed for murder, drug possession in saudi Arabia


#KSA: Four people, including two Indians, a Palestinian and a Saudi, were executed in Saudi Arabia.
Indian nationals Kumar Beshkar Nam and Liaqat Khan Rahman were found guilty of murdering Babul Hussein Jabbar, a Bangladeshi, and stealing money from the company where the victim worked, the Saudi Interior Ministry said in a statement.
Nam was convicted of stabbing the victim in the stomach and holding him while Khan slit his throat in an act of pre-meditated murder. The men then stole money kept in a chest at the victim’s workplace, The two convicted murderers were executed in Riyadh.
Meanwhile, Saudi national Falhan Al-Sobei and Muhammad Jumaa Anbar, a Palestinian, were executed in Al-Qurayyat in the northern region of Al-Jouf after convicted of possessing a huge quantity of amphetamine pills, the ministry said in a separate statement.

Flynas first Saudi airline to fly to Iraq in 27 years

Saudi Arabian budget airline Flynas said on Wednesday it would start flying to Iraq, the first Saudi airline to offer that route in more than 27 years.

The low-cost international airline said in a statement on its website it would start flights to several Iraqi cities in a few weeks.

There have been no flights between Saudi Arabia and Iraq since former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein invaded neighbouring Kuwait in 1990.

Saudi Arabia to award nuclear reactor contract by end 2018.


Saudi Arabia plans to award a construction contract for its first nuclear reactors by the end of 2018, a senior government official said on Tuesday. “With sponsorship from the highest levels in the state, the contract will be signed by the end of 2018,” Maher al Odan, the chief atomic energy officer of King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, told a news conference in the capital Riyadh.