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Suicide attacker blew himself up in Makkah


#KSA: A suicide attacker, trapped by Saudi security forces in a house in Makkah Friday, blew himself up after refusing calls to surrender, a security spokesman said, while five suspects were arrested including a woman.
The suicide attacker and the other five were suspected of planning “a terrorist act” against the holy shrine in Makkah and Muslim worshippers, Mansour Al-Turki, the interior ministry spokesman said.
The suicide attacker was hiding in a house in Ajyad neighbourhood and was opening fire at the security forces, refusing all calls to turn himself in, he said, and then blew himself up after realising he had no other way to escape.
The exchange of fire injured six expatriates and five security personnel.
He said the security forces arrested five suspects including a woman. They were being interrogated.
This “terrorist group was positioned in three areas, one in Jeddah and two in Makkah,” he added.


Saudi king’s son Mohammed bin Salman is new crown princeĀ 

#KSA Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz issued on Wednesday a number of royal decrees which included appointing Prince Mohammad bin Salman as heir and deputy Prime Minister. The #Saudi Press Agency said that King Salman relieved Prince Mohammad bin Nayef from his post as a Crown Prince, deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister and appointed Prince Mohammad Bin Salman as Crown Prince and deputy Premier and maintained his Post as a Defense Minister.

Dubai Municipality Scotches Plastic Rice Rumours


#UAE: The Food Safety Department of Dubai Municipality has scotched rumours about the presence of plastic rice in the market.
the municipality said the rumour regarding plastic rice is a manipulation. There is no such thing in the market known as plastic rice, the municipality said.
The municipality also urged consumers not to publish misleading and unrealistic rumours. It stressed that all the food that enters the Emirate undergoes checks, and random samples are taken on a regular basis before it reaches the food markets.

Saudi Arabia Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Yemen


A cholera outbreak has killed 315 people in Yemen since the end of April, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Sunday.
The infectious disease continues to spread across the war-torn country with roughly 30,000 suspected cases reported in 19 of Yemen’s 22 provinces, the UN health agency reported.
Saudi Arabia has launched a massive relief campaign against the cholera epidemic in Yemen. The aid supplied includes sending medicines to treat those infected and to slowdown the spread of the epidemic.


Dubai Issues Ban On Disposable Mobile Chargers


#Dubai: Dubai Municipality has banned the sale and circulation of one-time use disposable mobile phone chargers in the emirate. It has also given a one month deadline for shops to return the imported chargers to their country of origin.
The small and wireless portable chargers for both Android and iOS phones are branded as “Power Patch” and sold online through a website.
Redha Salman, director of Health and Safety Department said that the decision of the Director General of the Municipality came after the Municipality confirmed the non-feasibility of using these chargers and their dangerous effects on the environment.

Saudi Child, Pakistani Expat Killed In Qatif Terror Attack


#KSA: A Saudi child and a Pakistani man were killed and 10 injured when armed assailants fired at company workers carrying out a development project, then at bystanders and passers-by in Qatif in the Eastern Province.
The suspects who fled the scene also targeted company vehicles with explosives.
Policemen arrived at the scene and exchanged fire with the assailants, who then started shooting heavily and randomly, killing and injuring members of the public.