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Saudi Arabia Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Yemen


A cholera outbreak has killed 315 people in Yemen since the end of April, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Sunday.
The infectious disease continues to spread across the war-torn country with roughly 30,000 suspected cases reported in 19 of Yemen’s 22 provinces, the UN health agency reported.
Saudi Arabia has launched a massive relief campaign against the cholera epidemic in Yemen. The aid supplied includes sending medicines to treat those infected and to slowdown the spread of the epidemic.


Public hospitals raise treatment fees by 20% for Expats


#Kuwait: The Ministry of Health is expected to increase the fees collected for health services provided to expats by 15-20 % , The ministry had formed a committee to study the fees collected from expats for radiology and lab tests and compare them to those collected by the private sector , The committee found a difference despite the ministry’s operational costs being much higher, the committee submitted the study results to the minister and expected that the new fees would be in effect soon.

Minister helps 500 kg Egyptian woman get medical visa


India on Wednesday finally gave travel papers to an ailing Egyptian woman weighing 500kg, to visit Mumbai for treatment. This was after the intervention of Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who herself is currently admitted to a hospital in Delhi for kidney transplant. 36-year-old Eman Ahmed was issued medical visa by the Indian Embassy in Egypt after a Mumbai-based doctor requested Swaraj to help the woman travel to India for treatment.

Male model’s career is ruined after his face is injected with WAX by transgender beautician ..


A Filipino aspiring model’s dream of landing more modeling gigs came to a devastating turn after a $10 nose and chin job disfigured his face. He is now seeking help in bringing the unfortunate incident into justice.
Taking advantage of a cheap offer by a supposed beautician, he signed himself up for some cosmetic alterations done on his nose and chin.