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Iran confirms 10 killed as anti-government protests enter fifth day

DScpSl4W0AAsgkoIranian state TV is reporting that 10 people have been killed amid nationwide protests, without elaborating. The state TV report Monday made the reference in a package on the ongoing demonstrations that began Thursday, The protests began Thursday in Mashhad over economic issues and have since expanded to several cities. Hundreds of people have been arrested.


Iran blocks Instagram and messaging app after fourth day of protests


Two protesters were killed Saturday night as anti-government protests in Iran continued into a fourth day.
Demonstrations began on Thursday and thousands have taken to the streets in multiple cities over the weekend, with many protesters calling for the removal of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
The government warned on Sunday that protesters would suffer severe consequences if demonstrations continued.

Iranians protest against high prices in Mashhad


Hundreds of people have protested against high prices in Iran’s second largest city, shouting slogans denouncing President Hassan Rouhani,  a crowd in Mashhad chanting “death to Rouhani” and “death to the dictator”, and police using water cannon to disperse it. Mashhad Governor Mohammad Norouzian told local media that police confronted the “illegal” protest “with tolerance”. A number of people were held for trying to damage public property, he said.