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MOE to announce results of high school exams on June 4

b0f88629-e573-4010-8d6b-32f6041d6b32Kuwait’s Ministry of Education said Friday it would announce the results of the final examinations of the high schools on Monday, June 4, at most.
The correction process of the exam papers goes smoothly, Undersecretary of the Ministry Dr. Haitham Al-Athari told reporters on Friday night.
He expected that there would be no major problems in the process, noting that there could be only minor matters that would be addressed as routine.
On the incidents of denying some students access to the examinations, he said such incidents are very few since the students reached higher levels of awareness about the adverse consequences of cheating.
Al-Athari affirmed that the ministries of education and interior are in close contact to deal with any cases of leaking the final examinations whether online or by any other means.


Imam Al-Sadeq Mosque still standing proud after 2015 cowardly attack


On the ninth day of the Holy Month of Ramadan, June 26, 2015, Kuwaitis were shocked by a cowardly terror attack against the Imam Al-Sadeq Mosque in Kuwait City, an incident that left 26 people dead and some 227 others injured.

After three years from the attack, the mosque was renovated upon directives from His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah who was amongst the first to rush to the scene of the attack after it occurred.
With prayers resuming and people returning to the facility, the mosque stands defiantly against those who sought to create strife and disunity amongst the people of Kuwait.

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Kuwaitis in Oman advised to be cautious as cyclone ravages Socotra


The State of Kuwait Embassy in the Sultanate in a statement on Thursday urged the Kuwaiti nationals in the Sultanate, particularly in Dhofar, Al-Wasta and Salalah, to take precautions due to prospected incoming of the cyclone.
The Kuwaiti diplomatic mission has already taken extraordinary measures to safeguard the Kuwaiti Citizens, who were also advised to follow directions by the local authorities in the areas where they are present. It also urged citizens to call the mission for any help.
Meanwhile, the official Omani News Agency (ONA) said Salalah airport would be shut down on Friday for 24 hours, and that authorities would consider extending the closure according to weather conditions.
Meanwhile, the Omani police urged citizens, particularly residents of coastal regions, to move to safer areas till the cyclone passes.
The cyclone has already roared across Socotra in the Arabian Sea leaving a trail of destruction in properties and swamping residenial areas.
At least 17 people are reportedly missing and authorities are concerned about residents on high ground on the island, located more than 300 km from the Yemeni mainland.
The tropical storm Mekunu is forecast to hit Saudi regions as of Saturday bringing with it zero visibility and torrential rain and floods, the Saudi Meteorological and Environmental Protection Administration (MEPA) has warned.

Ban on expat recruitment of diploma holders and graduates from July 1


The Public Authority for Manpower said the decision to stop the recruitment of qualified expatriates those who hold high qualifications including university graduates and are below 30 years old will be implemented in early July, the decision preventing the recruitment of expatriate workers was postponed for further study and should have been executed early this year.

The decision aims at attracting highly experienced and competent people from outside the country, who are over the age of 30 years and also ‘forcing’ employers and private companies to employ citizens and create new job opportunities for young Kuwaitis, especially for those who hold university degrees.

The sources confirmed the Authority continues to allow foreign workers to renew the work permit before the end of the period of up to 6 months electronically for institutions which subscribe to the E-Service more easier.

The sources added, the “early renewal does not require any exception and is automated through the service” easier “or in the labor department.”

H.H the Amir offers condolences to Cuban pres. over plane crash victims


His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on Sunday sent a cable of condolences to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel over plane crash last Friday in Havana, which resulted scores of casualties, His Highness also wished a speedy recovery for the injured, His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah also sent similar cables.


H.H Amir: further efforts for UN resol. to safeguard Palestinians


The State of Kuwait will continue diplomatic efforts until the United Nations Security Council issues a resolution for protecting the Palestinian people, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah pledged on Friday.
“At the time members of the Security Council mourn the martyrs expressing their sentiments toward the grave tragedy and hardship, the council stands idle and incapable of offering aid to the unarmed civilians, either in a statement or resolution of condemnation,” said His Highness the Amir, addressing the extraordinary Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Summit, held here on plight of the Palestinian people namely latest Israeli attacks in Gaza that left at least 60 Palestinian martyrs.
Although His Highness the Amir voiced frustration with the UNSG failure to issue an effective resolution for the Palestinian cause, he vowed that the State of Kuwait would pursue the bids to issue a resolution stipulating international protection for the brotherly Palestinian people; in the face of the repressive Israeli practices.
“My country will also continue the bids in support of the Palestinian brothers for attaining their legitimate right of establishing the independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital as mentioned in the international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab peace initiative and the two States’ principle,” His Highness the Amir emphasized.
His Highness noted Kuwait, through its non-permanent membership at the UNSC, sought to issue a statement condemning the Israeli breaches, calling to bring the perpetrators into account, regretfully however, the council failed to issue such a resolution.
Currently, consultations are being conducted among the member states regarding a draft resolution that “we have presented regarding the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories stipulating international protection for the Palestinian people,” His Highness the Amir disclosed.
His Highness expressed deep distress at the tragic events in many countries namely the occupied territories, Syria, Yemen and Myanmar. “We have witnessed in these regions breaches of human rights, fierce humanitarian hardship, while we have taken resolutions at the Security Council and within framework of the international legitimacy that do not reach the implementation phase.
“The frustration and despair have been aggravated due to this situation, thus we are compelled to revise our action mechanisms at various levels to resolve the real crisis of values and principles.
“The decision to transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem unilaterally and the subsequent repercussions constitute blatant defiance of believers in heavenly religions and stark evidence of the real moralistic crisis we are experiencing.” His Highness the Amir, who began the statement saluting the top host, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality, said “We have followed up with grave pain and distress the occupation Israeli Army employment of excessive force against our innocent brothers, the Palestinian people, among whom scores have been killed and thousands have been wounded.
“These events coincided with inaugurating the US embassy in the holy city Jerusalem; this unilateral decision aims at altering Jerusalem’s Palestinian identity, the historic status, Judaizing the sacred city, altering its demographic status, its religious and historic identity as a city for all heavenly religions.
“Therefore, it cannot be annexed with unilateral decisions and its status must be subject to negotiations among the concerned parties. Moreover, this decision constitutes blatant violation of the Security Council resolutions and jeopardizes the peace process in the Middle East.” “We ask the whole world, why the Palestinian people plight continues? Why we ignore and do not implement Security Council resolutions? Why the international community is incapable of resolving this cause? Why the victim continues to be portrayed as the killer according to Israel’s norms? Why Israel always escapes punishment? Why all these souls have been wasted amid absence of the world conscience? “We also say to the world we are raising these questions because we are aware of the dire consequences that will ultimately lead to creation of tension zones, an incubating environment for violence, threats and instability.” His Highness the Amir arrived in Istanbul, earlier on Friday, leading Kuwait’s delegation at the special Islamic Summit.
His Highness the Amir was welcomed by Deputy Governor of Istanbul Mehmet Ali Ulutas, Kuwaiti Ambassador to Turkey Ghassan Al-Zawawi, Kuwaiti Consul in Istanbul Mohammad Al-Mohammad and embassy staff.