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KD1700 to keep parents in Kuwait, can’t sponsor children above 24 yrs


#Kuwait: Expatriates in Kuwait will have to pay up to KD1700 annually to keep their parents in the country.

= Under the new regulations a foreigner will have to pay KD200 for the residence of the parent.

= KD 600 for medical insurance if the father or mother is more than 75 years old.

= a foreigner will also have to pay KD50 to the health ministry bringing the total to up to KD850 per year for one parent.

= The medical insurance will be KD300 if the parent is less than 65 years old.

= Expatriates cannot stay in the country under family visa sponsored by their siblings if they are 24 years of age and above, they can transfer the residency to work visa if they want to avoid cancellation of their residency.

= Kuwaiti lawmakers have been pushing for imposing fees on foreigners for receiving free health and medical services provided by the state.


Kuwait urges Citizens in Belgium not to use public transportation


#Kuwait Embassy in Belgium urged Citizens to refrain from using trains and metro services, following an explosion at Brussels-Central Station that occurred on Tuesday.
Belgian police forces killed a person at Brussels Central Station, a police spokesman said, while an explosion took place in the station.
“There has been an explosion around a person. This person was neutralized by the soldiers present at the place,” the spokesman was quoted by local media as saying.
The embassy then advised citizens in Belgium not to use public transportation, including trains and metro services.
It urged citizens wishing to contact the embassy in case of emergency to do so on following numbers: Emergency number: +32-47777-5801 Embassy: +32-2647-7950 Email:

Court adjusts verdicts for suspects in Al-Abdali terror cell trial


#Kuwait The Court of Cassation adjusted Sunday a number of verdicts against individuals involved in Al-Abdali terror cell trial.
The court canceled the death verdict of one individual, sentencing him to life in prison.
The court also adjusted the innocent verdicts of 15 defendants, sentencing them to 10 years in prison. One person had his sentence reduced from life in prison to 15 years in jail. In September 2015, the public prosecution accused a number of individuals of acts that threatened national security and unity.
The defendants were also accused of providing intelligence and important information to Iran and Hezbollah as well as housing weapons, ammunition, and communication devices.

MOI To Lifts Ban On Dependent Visa Renewal 

#Kuwait: The Ministry of Interior is expected to freeze its earlier decision which placed a ban on renewal of family visas for parents, siblings and other relatives under (article 22) except for some limited cases, the Ministry of Interior’s Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah discussed the new visa rules in the meeting, the decision was taken last month to reduce pressure on public services in general and healthcare, One of the proposals call to impose mandatory health insurance on expatriates to unblock to renewal the family visa.

Kuwait Navy To Carry Out Drill This Week


The Kuwaiti Naval Force is set to carry out live ammunition exercises on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm, the Defense Ministry said.
The shooting range will be 16.5 nautical miles east of Ras Al Julai’a to Qaruh Island, and six nautical miles east of Ras Azzour to Umm Al-Maradem island, the ministry noted in a statement. Therefore, the ministry urged sea-goers to steer clear of the area during the drill period.