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Kuwait’s Olympic football team wins friendly tournament

DppkpPFU8AAaLnXKuwait’s Olympic football team on Tuesday won a friendly tournament after beating Saudi Arabia 4-2.


Kuwait Food Bank launches campaign for victims of Indonesia’s floods, earthquake

dfvrdThe Kuwait Food Bank announced Sunday that it had launched a campaign to aid the victims of Indonesia’s floods and earthquake, which resulted in the death of over 2,091 individuals and severe damages to infrastructure.
Director General of the Kuwait Food Bank, Salem Al-Hamar said that the natural disasters, which hit the city of Palu in the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, had led to considerable losses and destruction beyond imagination, affirming that the campaign launched by the bank was aimed at easing a bit of the suffering felt by the victims.
The campaign is within His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah’s directives to aid all those in need worldwide, said Al-Hamar who called on the people of Kuwait to contribute to this just and humanitarian cause by providing their donations to the bank headquarter in Al-Adailiyah area.

MOI warn against WhatsApp hacking scams


Kuwait: Acting Relations and Security Information Director General Brig Tawheed Al-Kandari said he has received many complaints about thefts of personal bank accounts through the internet and social media, He asked the public to take care when dealing with messages and links, especially those that appear to be from unregistered phone numbers.
He advised not to enter suspicious websites or exchange personal data with strangers as they can hack into your system to obtain bank account numbers and PINs. He added that passwords should be changed regularly to avoid these risks. He said one should inform the electronic crimes department (phone number 25660142) immediately if you fall victim to online theft or blackmail as they have acquired state of the art technical systems that can identify these online culprits. He also said it is necessary to call the person if they start asking for money on Whatsapp or any other social media platform to avoid being conned.

Kuwait embassy in US warns of Hurricane Michael

hurricane-michael-thumbnail-10-9-2018.05.32 AMKuwait embassy in US warned Kuwaiti residents, students and visitors in western Florida and south of Georgia and Alabama, among other areas falling in the line of the expected Hurricane Michael, were urged to take necessary precautions ahead of the projected Category III storm.
In a statement, Kuwait’s embassy in Washington said on Tuesday it was making contingency plans for the impacts of the storm on Kuwaitis receiving college education or specialised healthcare in the area.
Michael, which could have “potentially catastrophic” effects on parts of the southeastern US, is predicted to be the strongest hurricane to have hit Florida’s Gulf Coast in 13 years when it makes land impact in two days.
The embassy went to underline the need to abide by guidelines and instructions issued by local state authorities during the storm.
In the event of an emergency, the following 24-hour hotlines were provided: Kuwait Embassy: +1(202)262-0758 Kuwait Cultural Office: +1(202)364-2104 Kuwait Medical Office: +1(202)320-2415 Military Office: +1(202)818-0666.

Kuwait envoy extols ties with Thailand

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Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Sami Al-Hamad spoke highly ties with Thailand, saying much progress has been made in bilateral relations over the years.

There has been an increase in cooperation between Kuwait and Thailand, especially in the healthcare sector, Al-Hamad said on the sidelines of a meeting over consular affairs involving diplomats from both nations.

He revealed that some 70000 Kuwaitis visited the Southeast Asian nation last year, which he said was a testament to the “exceptional ties” shared by both countries.

“We are working on simplifying visa requirements for Kuwaiti nationals looking to visit Bangkok, “a Thai diplomat said, hoping that similar initiatives will follow suit soon.

He added that some 2000 Thais currently live in Kuwait, making up one of many diasporas found in the Gulf nation.


Kuwait’s embassy in Japan warns Citizens of typhoon Trami


Kuwait’s embassy here has warned Kuwaitis visiting or residing in Japan to take precautionary measures against the tsunami that swept through the southern region of the Far East Asian country, heading towards the capital Tokyo.
The embassy called on Kuwaitis to comply with safety instructions issued by the local Japanese authorities, urging them to communicate with the embassy in case of required assistance or an emergency.
The embassy provided the following contacts: Phone number: 03-3455-0361 Email: