Emergency Declared At Hanford Nuclear Reservation In Washington State


#US An emergency has been declared at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in south-central Washington state after a portion of a tunnel containing rail cars full of nuclear waste collapsed.


EPA: Harmful Bacteria Caused Dead Fish


#Kuwait:  The Environment Public Authority (EPA) said Monday that harmful bacteria caused fish kill recently in Kuwait’s bay.
EPA’s deputy director for technical affairs Mohammad Al-Enezi said at a news conference that the fish “are subject to environmental stress for several reasons, including the effect of sewage on specific shorelines” in Kuwait.
He added that the dead fish were of the species, “chem” noting that they were exposed to wastewater, industrial drainage or illegal encroachment.
Chem fish as locally called are a species of catfish  not favored for eating by bulk of the Kuwaitis.

Kuwait Bans Import Of Meat Products From 21 Countries


Kuwait has banned all types of fresh, chilled, frozen and processed birds’ meat from Togo, India, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Iran, Croatia, Algeria, South Korea, Macedonia, Portugal, Nepal, Lithuania, States of Tennessee and Alabama (US), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cameron, Belgium and Taiwan. Under an edict issued by Minister of Commerce and Industry, Acting Minister of State for Youth Affairs Khalid Al-Rawdha, birds’ meat products which are thermally treated at 70°C are exempted from the ban , The ministry has also issued a ban on all types of fresh, chilled, frozen or processed beef meat and its by-products from Canada and Hungary.

The authorities have also toughened inspection measures on shipments from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Oman due to the presence of high-levels of pesticides in fruit and vegetables. Customs will only clear shipments of fruit and vegetables from these four Arab countries pending results of lab tests. The ministry has also issued another edict banning the import of food stuff and their products from 21 Brazilian companies. Meanwhile, the ban has temporarily been lifted on imports of fresh, chilled, frozen and processed birds’ meat, as well as its by-products and eggs from Thailand, Denmark, Algeria and Lebanon.

Chinese Groom Arrested For Inviting Fake Wedding Guests


A man in northern China has been arrested on his wedding day after his wife’s family realised that the 200 guests he invited from his side as family and friends were paid actors, The bride’s family grew suspicious when they had conversations with people claiming to know the groom, all of whom said they were just friends, None of them made it clear how they actually knew him. The ceremony begun without any trace of the groom’s parents, and he was busted. The guests who claimed the groom paid them 80 yuan to pose as his family and friends, Most were in fact taxi drivers or students, Others the groom found on Chinese social media platform WeChat and negotiated a price to attend.
Media reported that the wife’s family did not agree to the marriage because he was poor, so he stopped his entire side from coming so as not to shame them.

EPA: Severe Salinity Leads To Fish Mortality In Kuwait Bay


#Kuwait: The Environment Public Authority (EPA) has announced that it observed a severe drop in salinity of the Kuwait Bay waters through plants near Shuwaikh and Doha ports.
This led to demise of fish and marine life, EPA said Wednesday, In a press statement, EPA’s deputy director for technical affairs Mohammad Al-Enezi, said data has showed a sharp drop in salinity in the Bay, adding that it was an indication of heavy water drainage in that area.