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Indian Maid Tortured By Abusive Kuwaiti Employer For 7 years

dvAn Indian woman who went in 2010 to work as a maid at Kuwait has been reportedly tortured by her employer, Balla Padma, suffered horrific injuries as shown by the wounds, burns and scars on her body and endured 7 years of torture in the hands of Kuwaiti employer and not paid any salary, the woman was admitted to Adan hospital for treatment.



MOI officially lifts ban on recruitment of Indian female domestic workers

#Kuwait The Ministry of Interior has officially lift the ban on Indian female workers after the Indian authorities has scrapped with immediate effect the $2500 (730KD) bank guarantee measure that was enforced earlier for recruitment of Indian female domestic workers for Kuwait, The cancellation of the policy measure brings an end to a two-year-old dispute between Kuwait and India.