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Death toll from western Japan heavy rain jumps to 179

_102454182_hi048042223The death toll from a torrential rain-triggered floods and landslides in western Japan reached 179 and 56 others were missing, authorities said Tuesday.


Death toll climbs to 76 as heavy rains hammer southern Japan


Heavy rainfall hammered southern Japan for the third day, prompting new disaster warnings on Kyushu and Shikoku islands on Sunday, as the government put the death toll at 48 with 28 others presumed dead.

Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said the whereabouts of 92 people are unknown, mostly in the southern area of Hiroshima prefecture.

More than 100 reports of casualties had been received, such as cars being swept away, he said. Some 40 helicopters were out on rescue missions.

At least 35 dead, 50 missing as heavy rains continue to lash western Japan


Japan Flooding Forces More Than 1 Million to Flee

The death toll from heavy rains across a wide swath of western Japan rose to at least 35 by early Saturday evening as downpours triggered mudslides and flooding smashed homes and swept away cars, After making landfall shortly before 8 a.m. near Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture, the typhoon raised havoc in five prefectures spanning the Chubu and Kinki regions, triggering evacuation orders for around 500,000 residents due to the risk of mudslides and flooding

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Kuwait embassy in Japan warns of Typhoon risk

dcbbnKuwait embassy in Japan warned Kuwaiti residents, students and visitors of Typhoon Prapiroon expected to bring potential flooding and strong wind to southern Japan.
Japanese authorities expected heavy rains on all Japanese provinces on July 5 – 6 , warning of river floods and mudslides, the embassy said in a statement.
Japan usually witnesses such weather conditions during this time of the year.
The embassy calls on citizens to exercise caution and abide by safety and security instructions issued by the local authorities.
In case of emergency, Kuwaitis shall call the embassy on: + 810334550361, or send an e-mail to: kuwait-embassy.or.jp@consular.


Osaka earthquake: 4 dead after 6.1-magnitude tremor


Four people have died and more than 300 others were injured after a powerful earthquake shook the Japanese coastal city of Osaka and nearby areas during the morning rush hour on Monday.

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck shortly after 8 a.m. north of Osaka at a depth of about 13 kilometers, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The strongest shaking was north of Osaka, but the quake rattled large parts of western Japan, including Kyoto.

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Kuwait Embassy warns Kuwaitis to be caution after volcano eruption in Japan

Kuwait Embassy in Japan called on Kuwaitis to take extreme caution after the eruption of Mount Moto-Shirane volcano in Gunma Prefecture, killing a security forces member and injuring several others.

In a statement received on Wednesday, the embassy called on citizens to avoid the mountain’s surrounding area, follow the safety instructions issued by the Japanese government and call the embassy’s emergency line on phone number 0361-3455-03.

On Tuesday morning, Japan’s Meteorological Agency detected an eight-minute long volcanic activity in the mountain, located in east Japan. The eruption led to avalanche and falling rocks that hit Kusatsu International Ski resort in the area.

It also halted ski lift operations, leaving around 80 people, including tourists, temporarily stranded in a restaurant near the mountain’s top.