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South Korea hit by 5.5-magnitude earthquake

Seoul: An earthquake measuring magnitude 5.5 has hit off the country’s southeastern coast, the quake was detected about 6 kilometres north of the southeastern port city of Pohang, Residents in the capital Seoul, say they’ve felt tremors and are reporting their buildings have been shaken.


North Korea says Guam strike plan ready within days


A North Korean plan to fire four missiles near the US Pacific territory of Guam will be ready for Kim Jong Un’s consideration in days, state media has reported, as an unprecedented exchange of military threats between Washington and Pyongyang intensifies. The intermediate-range missiles would be fired east and over Japan before landing around 30 to 40 kilometers (18 to 25 miles) off the coast of the tiny island if the plan is implemented, according to state-run KCNA. Guam is more than 3,000 kilometers from North Korea.

N. Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, Trump promises N. Korea ‘fire and fury’ over nuke threat


North Korea has successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that can fit inside its missiles, crossing a key threshold on the path to becoming a full-fledged nuclear power, U.S. intelligence officials have concluded in a confidential assessment.
President Donald Trump issued an extraordinary ultimatum to North Korea warning Pyongyang not to make any more threats against the United States or they will “face fire and fury like the world has never seen