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Maid stabs 12-year-old girl to death, brother wounded

5b3bf5cdea9afRiyadh: An Ethiopian maid stabbed a 12-year-old girl to death in Riyadh area yesterday, The woman reportedly attacked the girl and stabbed her several times at her family’s house in Laban neighbourhood in the Saudi capital, The suspect is also accused of attacking the girl’s 14-year-old brother and attempting to stab him to death too.

The boy who sustained serious injuries was admitted to the intensive care unit, Civil defence personnel who were alerted by passers-by after hearing the children’s screams, had to break the door open and rescue the brother, They arrested the Ethiopian woman who reportedly locked herself in a bathroom. She was referred to competent authorities for investigation.






Cyclone Mekunu to downgrade into tropical storm in Saudi Arabia tomorrow


The tropical situation in Oman and the Republic of Yemen is likely to change as the cyclone Mekunu has turned into a tropical storm, it may affect parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, starting from the dawn on Saturday to next Tuesday.


1038 cases of scabies diagnosed in Makkah

42018791215922Makkah: The number of people who were diagnosed with scabies in the province of Makkah rose to 1038, The increasing cases of scabies led the authorities to shut 33 schools for boys and girls in Makkah, Closed schools are expected to reopen on Sunday but students diagnosed with scabies will stay at home for up to two weeks, Education Minister Dr. Ahmed Al-Essa toured three government schools in Makkah and followed up efforts to deal with the situation.

Saudi girl from Indonesian mother looks for deceased father’s family

A video clip of a girl and her Indonesian mother who claims that the girl’s father is Saudi gained widespread attention on social media.

In the video shot by a Saudi man in Kota Bunga in the Puncak mountain pass, the mother Mona said that the girl’s father died nine years ago in a car accident in Indonesia.

Mona added that she had been with the Saudi man, Sultan al-Harbi, since she was 18 years old, and he was 23 years old, She said they were in a customary marriage for four years, which means that neither were given any legal rights, Her daughter Haifa is almost 11 years old, and they both know nothing about al-Harbi’s family in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi ambassador to Indonesia responded to the video saying that they are following the case and are working to help the girl, after they make sure that she is indeed half Saudi by doing a DNA test.

A representative from the embassy has been sent to the mother of the girl to find out all the details and act in accordance with the law to ensure their rights and link them with her family in Saudi Arabia,” Ambassador Osama al-Shoaibi said, the embassy has a specialized program that is actively helping more than 70 cases similar to the case of Haifa, he added.