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Saudi mother, 6 children killed in horrific accident


A Saudi woman was killed along with her 6 children in a horrific accident in the Governorate of Sabya in the province of Jazan. The heavy death toll resulting from the accident prompted Transportation Minister to sack Jazan Roads director and launch an inquiry involving other officials.


Saudi food authority bans import of Egyptian guava


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has decided to temporarily ban imports of fresh, frozen and manufactured guava from Egypt due to pesticide residues proved to be higher than the global limit.
The temporary ban will come into effect on Thursday, Jan. 18, and will continue until the governmental control agencies in Egypt prove that the frozen and processed guava products are free from pesticide residues and comply with the maximum limits allowed in the Gulf Standard Specifications approved by the SFDA.

Saudi authorities suspend nurses after viral newborn abuse video


Saudi authorities in Al Taif governorate suspended nurses who allegedly abused a newborn in a hospital ward for infants, a footage that captured a nurse and her friends horrifically assaulting the infant went viral online sparking outrage among users, authorities managed to identify several nurses who are now suspects in the case, They have since been suspended as an ongoing investigation takes place and appropriate measures will be taken against anyone whose involvement is evident in the case.


Kuwait strongly condemns Houthis’ ballistic missile against Riyadh


Kuwait strongly condemns Houthis’ firing of a ballistic missile against the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Tuesday which aimed at terrorizing civilians, a foreign ministry source said.
This cowardly act shows anew how the Houthis were defying the will of the international community, violating the UN resolutions, and undermining security and stability of the region, added the source.
Kuwait, said the source, stands fully behind Saudi Arabia and supports all measures aimed at preserving security and stability.
Kuwait, he added, was committed to supporting the legitimate leadership in Yemen.
Saudi military intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missiles fired by the Houthis towards southern Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt warn Trump over ‘dangerous move’


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has warned President Donald Trump that moving the US embassy for Israel to Jerusalem was a “dangerous step” that could rile Muslims worldwide. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al- Sisi, confirmed “Egypt’s consistent position on maintaining the legal status of Jerusalem within the framework of international standards and relevant United Nations resolutions”, he said.