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55 dead in major measles outbreak in Philippines


Manila: A growing measles outbreak in the Philippines killed at least 55 people on January, officials said on Thursday, putting some of the blame on mistrust stoked by a scare over an anti-dengue fever vaccine.
As of January, there have been 1,815 measles cases and 55 deaths from the virus.
The disease can be deadly for young children and babies, There is now concern for 2.4 million unvaccinated children.


Filipina Executed In Saudi Arabia For Stabbing Employer To Death

50822372_2358454837522504_2113415091234799616_nKSA: A Filipina woman was executed in Hafr Al-Batin on Tuesday for stabbing a Saudi national to death, the #Saudi MOI announced.
Roselia B. A. was found guilty of killing her employer, Hameed bin Turki bin Hayef Al-Fadhli while sleeping and injuring his daughter then tried to commit suicide by stabbing her self, Security authorities arrested the accused and following an investigation, she was charged with the crime and brought before the criminal court.

Filipina raped by Saudi national rescued in Jeddah

50887941_2358694874165167_8672714464518209536_nJeddah: A Filipina woman is now in the custody of the Philippine Consulate General in Jeddah, #Saudi Arabia after she was allegedly raped by a Saudi national.
According to the information, the Filipino worker was at the female shelter of the Consulate when the suspect a representative of her recruitment agency took her from the shelter, The suspect said that the victim will be transferred to another employer, However, instead of taking her to her new employer, he took her to a hotel where she was allegedly raped.
The victim was able to contact #Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) officials, who came up with an excuse for the suspect to bring her back to the consulate, the suspect was arrested at the consulate, Authorities are also assisting the victim in filing a complaint and collecting necessary evidence from the hotel management.

Philippines: Mosque in Zamboanga hit by deadly grenade attack, 2 dead, 4 hurt


Zamboanga: Two people were killed and four others injured in an assault on a mosque in Zamboanga in southern the country.
The attack followed deadly blasts at a cathedral on nearby island church and vote backing Muslim self-rule.
The attack in Zamboanga city took place in the early hours of Wednesday, just days after deadly twin blasts at a Roman Catholic cathedral in the island of Jolo and a vote backing wider Muslim self-rule in Mindanao, the country’s volatile southernmost region.
Military Commander in the southern region Colonel Leonel Nicholas said the attack was not a retaliatory action.


At least 27 dead, 77 wounded in two bomb explosions outside church southern Philippines

The Philippine national police chief says two bombs that exploded during a Sunday Mass at a cathedral on southern Jolo Island have killed at least 27 people and wounded nearly 77.

The first explosion occurred inside Jolo Church, killing a number of worshipers while attending Sunday Mass, spokesman of the military’s Western Mindanao Command Colonel Gerry Besana said in a press statement.The second blast took place at the Church’s parking lot during security forces’ response to the first attack, Besana added, noting a number of soldiers were killed and several others wounded as a result.
So far, no particular party or organization claimed responsibility for the two attacks.
A popular referendum, held on January 21, saw 85 percent of voters back the creation of an autonomous area called Bangsamoro.


19 Civilians

7 Soldiers

1 Coast Guard

Wounded: 77

59 Civilians

14 Soldiers

2 Coast Guards

2 Police