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Maid Being Tortured Seeking For Help In Saudi Arabia


#KSA: An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) was allegedly tortured by her employer after she asked for her late salaries, now she is seeking for help, her name is Doria Adlos Cryst Renier, Saudi Arabia .


1 million expats expected to leave Saudi Arabia under amnesty plan


#Riyadh: Efforts are on in full swing to ensure that no labor violators of visa laws or infiltrator in Saudi Arabia once the Amnesty scheme offered by King Salman expires.
the campaign that launched on March 29 is helping violators leave the country without facing fines or penalties for violating regulations. Expats are also exempt from the exit fingerprint requirement, allowing them to return to the Kingdom at a later date legally.
the exemption applies to fines and other penalties during the 3-month grace period, as well as the fingerprints for deported violators.
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif urged violators to “take advantage of the opportunity during the allotted grace period, and for all to cooperate in achieving the campaign’s goals.